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Bassflow Productions is a music production company established by Peter Boström in 1992. Peter is published by Peermusic. The studio is located outside Stockholm. Bassflow writes, produces and make remixes for international artists.



Peer Music Scandinavia
Magnus Larkeryd -

Peer Music UK

Peer Music Germany


Song: Euphoria
Bassflow: Co-writer and producer


Lana Del Rey

Song: Video Games
Bassflow: Radio remake



Song: Amazing
Bassflow: Co-writer and producer
Website: Facebook


Mando Diao

Song: Gloria
Bassflow: Radio remake



Song: Sunday
Bassflow: Radio remake



Song: The Sweet Hello, The Sad Goodbye
Bassflow: Radio remake



2012 'Euphoria' goes 7x platinum in Sweden and is top of the charts all around Europe.

2012 'Euphoria' with Loreen wins Eurovision Song Contest in Baku, Azerbaijan.

2012 'Video games' by Lana Del Rey and 'The Sweet Hello, The Sad Goodbye' by Roxette gets a Bassflow makeover.

2012 'Euphoria' wins Melodifestivalen, 'Stay' wins Melodi Grand Prix in Norway.

2011 Danny Saucedos 'In the Club' and Eric Saades 'Popular' goes platinum.

2011 Hurts 'Sunday', Roxette 'Speak to me', Viktorious 'When We Were 10', Mauro Scocco 'Adrenalin' all gets the Bassflow treatment.

2011 'Popular' with Eric Saade wins Melodifestivalen. 'In the Club' and Sanna Nielsens 'I'm in love' seals 2nd and 4th spots.

2010 Eric Saades 'Manboy' goes platinum.

2010 Johnossi 'What's the Point' and Salem al Fakir "Split My Personality" gets a Bassflow remake.

2009 A good year for remakes! Donkeyboys 'Ambitions' gets a Bassflow remake and peaks at #2 on the airplay charts. It stays Top50 for 31 weeks. 'Gloria' by Mando Diao stays Top50 for 34 weeks.

2008 Ola Svensson 'Feelgood' goes double platinum.

2008 'Hero' by Charlotte Perrelli wins Melodifestivalen and goes platinum.

2007 Ola Svenssons 'Natalie' goes platinum and peaks at #2 on the airplay charts.

2007 Martin Stenmarcks '7milakliv' gets the first Bassflow remake. It peaks at #1 and stay on the airplay charts for 50 weeks.

2007 '7milakliv' goes double platinum and is song of the year. Martin gets a Grammy and a Rockbjörn.

2001 'One in a million' with Bosson is nominated for a Golden Globe Award and recieves gold status in many countries.